Webfusion dedicated servers

Buy your own dedicated server

Whatever it is that keeps you playing till dawn, here’s a chance to take your gaming on to a whole new arena.

We’ve teamed up with Webfusion – one of the UK’s biggest web host – to offer a new range of dedicated servers. With 100Mbit connectivity, killer specifications and super-low latency, they’ll add a whole new dimension to your gaming.

You can use these servers for whatever you like. Create a gaming server and open it up to the world or just get online and play with a carefully selected group of people. Whatever: there’s full root access, so you can install (and remove) anything you like.

These servers are all supplied by Webfusion, and they’re available now. Just call the Webfusion sales team on 0808 168 1200 (calls are free) or chat online with them now.