Get your own dedicated server

June 17th, 2009

We’ve joined forces with Webfusion, one of the UK’s biggest web host, to offer a brand new range of dedicated servers. They’re just what you need if you’re looking to start hosting your own games, with far fewer limitations than if you rely on renting space on someone else’s server.

These high-spec machines are ideal if you want to set up and run your own gaming server. They all come with full root access – that means there aren’t any restrictions on what you can install. Basically, you can use it however you want. Host whatever games you like, restrict access or open it up to the world. It’s up to you.

Reliable and fast

Many dedicated servers are hosting in data centres which are rented from other companies. But one of the reasons we decided to join forces with Webfusion is that each of their servers is located in a datacentre which they own and manage. With their own staff on site, Webfusion can fix problems fast.

All Webfusion’s servers are located in the UK too, and connected to the internet through a tier one, superfast connection – so you get low latency and enough bandwidth for everyone to enjoy high performance. If you ever run into a problem, there’s 24/7 UK support too, so help’s never far away.

We’re talking serious performance too. Average ping times are as low as 20ms (depending on your own internet connection) and our high-end servers can support 10 – 15 simultaneous games with over 50 players.

We’ve put lots of information about our server range online. Just see the dedicated servers page for the full lowdown. And once you’ve had a look, give our sales team a call on 0808 168 1200. They’re happy to answer your questions and ready to hear from you.

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